Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

Instructions for E-Poster Presenters


  • ​E-Poster Discussion presenters have each been allocated 3 minutes to present their E-Poster, plus 2 minutes for discussion at the E-Poster screens.
  • E-Poster Viewing abstracts will have no specific presentation date and time.​The presenter may stand by the E-Poster Viewing ​screens in order p​resent their E-Poster during breaks.​​


Electronic Posters or E-Posters ​are similar to traditional paper posters, but displayed on-site on a large LCD television screen and are available for electronic viewing at all times for participants.

E-Posters will be available at the E-Posters stations in the Exhibition Area at the Congress. Viewers will be able to easily find and browse E-Posters and download the posters in PDF format when permitted by the presenter. 

Abstracts selected for E-Poster Viewing will have no specific presentation date and time.​

Any E-Poster can be viewed on any screen at any time. The author of the E-Poster may stand by the E-Poster screens in order p​resent their E-Poster during breaks. Additionally, delegates will be able to email the presenter via the E-Poster system in order to set up a meeting to discuss the E-Poster. ​

These posters do not require printing or p​roduction of materials – as your work will be available for viewing electronically.


Parallel E-Poster Discussion Presentations will be given at the E-Poster Area in the Exhibition, on October 31 and November 1 and 2 between 12:30-13:30. All participants are invited to the E-Poster Stations to hear the short presentations and to​​ ask questions. Each E-Poster Discussion Session w​ill be guided by one moderator.

Presenters should be at the E-Poster viewing stations 10 minutes before the start of the E-Poster Discussion Session and remain there until the session has finished. Each presenter has been allocated 3 minutes to present his/her E-Poster, plus 2 minutes for discussion. E-Poster Discussion presenters are requested to prepare ONLY an E-Poster.
Please find below the E-Poster Discussion Sessions taking place at the Congress:​

Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 12:30-13:30

  • E-Poster Discussion Session 1: Diabetes & endocrine disorders (EAP)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 2: The gut (EAP)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 3: Basic science (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 4: Brain (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 5: Neonatology - Family care on the NICU/PICU (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 6: Lung & ventilation 01 (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 7: Cardiovascular (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 8: Infectious disease​ (ESPNIC)

Thursday, November 1, 2018​, 12:30-13:30

  • E-Poster Discussion Session 9: Primary care (EAP)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 10: Respiratory (EAP)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 11: Neurology & psychology (EAP)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 12: Neonatal pharmacology & therapeutics (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 13: Neonatal nutrition (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 14: Paediatric nursing (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 15: Lung & ventilation 02 (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 16: Kidney & gut  (ESPNIC)

Friday, November 2, 2018, 12:30-13:30​​

  • E-Poster Discussion Session 17: Neurology 01 (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 18: Neurology 02 (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 19: Hospital management & quality (ESPNIC)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 20: Neonatal infectious diseases (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 21: Neonatology transport & resusciation (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 22: Circulation (ESPR)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 23: Acute illness (EAP)
  • E-Poster Discussion Session 24: Miscellaneous (EAP)


How to submit your E-Poster: 

Please submit your E-Poster as a 1-page PDF-file in portrait orientation.

Please read the following technical requirements:

  • File format: PDF (one page only)
  • In Pixel: 1080 width x 1536 height (portrait orientation)
  • In cm: 38,1 width x 54,2 height (portrait orientation)
  • Font size: 16

Should you wish to add a video to your E-Poster please consider the following technical requirements:

  • File format: .pptx (one page only)
  • In Pixel: 1080 width x 1536 height (portrait orientation)
  • In cm: 38,1 width x 54,2 height (portrait orientation)
  • Font size: 16
  • Video/Audio formats: .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .avi
  • Max. file size: 40mb
  • Max amount: 1

​General information about the E-Poster system: 

To easily create your E-Poster we recommend that you use the provided templates. You can download a PowerPoint or Keynote template which already has the right dimensions and recommended font sizes. The templates only need to be exported as a PDF. 

*If you haven't received the E-Poster upload instructions letter please contact the support team at any time.

The deadline for submission of ​E-Posters is October 24, 2018​.​​

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