EAPS Simulation Centre Sessions

EAPS Simulation Centre Sessions

Join the EAPS Simulation Centre sessions!

Knowing that simulation based medical education is increasingly used especially in critical care area, EAP, ESPR and ESPNIC wanted to implement standard education training proposed during EAPS congress with a simulation-based training experience.  In these new Sim Lab sessions launched at this year's EAPS, delegates will have the opportunities to manage and/or observe some paediatric and neonatal challenging clinical cases. During the 1.5-hour sessions, one challenging clinical scenario is reproduced in a fully immersive simulation environment. Participants will be able to do exactly the same things they can do in a paediatric ER, NICU or PICU to deal with medical emergencies using a 'high fidelity' manikin that reacts identically to a patient. After each scenario, skilled instructors provide feedback during a debriefing session in which all delegates will take part and can discuss together. There will be sessions available in English and in French.  These hands-on workshops will be accessible during the whole congress and each attendee can register for a simulation session in a specific topic choosing between PICU, NICU and Emergency Paediatrics.    


WHERE? The EAPS sim Lab will be placed on the 3rd floor of Palais des Congrès. 


WHEN? During the EAPS congress from the October 31 to the November 2 2018.  4 sessions/day of 2 hours (90 min effective) will be available with the following schedule: 8:30-10; 10:30-12:00; 13:30-15:00, 15:30-17:00. 


WHAT?  The Simulation center will have a part dedicated to perform the clinical Scenarios and another part for debriefing.

WHO? All EAPS congress delegates can register and take part in these sim sessions. Each session will host up tp 8 participants for each scenario. There will be 3 sessions in English and 1 in French available each day.


WHY? These simulation sessions using state of the art equipment will help delegates train for real life emergencies in their own hospitals. They represent a unique simulation learning experience that encourages an open and motivational discussion of performance and error, instilling the principles of teamwork in participants' approaches to healthcare. 


Registration fees:

Nurses/Residents:   €20 

Medical Doctors:     €35   


Registration process: will shortly be possible for EAPS registered participants only.

Please join us for this unique occasion !

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