Industry Supported Sessions Agendas

Industry Supported Sessions Agendas


Industry Symposium I Supported by Chiesi

13:30–15:00, Amphitheatre Blue

Less Invasive Surfactant Administration: does one size fit all? The importance of real life data in clinical decision making

Lunch boxes will be available for participants

Chaired by: Wolfgang Göpel, Germany

That extra help - strategies to enhance the success of NIV approaches
Charles-Christophe Röehr, UK

LISA Experts' Roundtable: the NICU experiences
Kajsa Bohlin, Sweden
Katrin Klebermass, Austria – Moderated by Wolfgang Göpel, Germany

Real life data in Neonatology - what can they tell us about different patients
Neena Modi, UK


Industry Symposium II Supported by Nestle Nutrition Institute

18:15-19:15, Room Maillot

Recent Developments in Neonatal Nutrition

Recent concepts in human milk fortification
Jean-Charles, Picaud, France

Human milk oligosaccharides: Benefits for the breastfed infant and beyond
Lars Bode, USA


Industry Symposium III Supported by Biotest

18:15-19:15, Hall 253

Strategies in treating neonatal and pediatric sepsis

Adjunctive sepsis therapy in preterm neonates
Georg Frey, Germany

IgM enriched immunoglobulins in severe infections in pediatric intensive care units
Ener Cagri Dinleyici, Turkey


Meet the Expert Session I Supported by Baxter

13:45–14:45, Hall 251

Defining standardization from the new PN guidelines — Experts point of view

Lunch boxes will be available for participants

Chaired by: Thibault Senterre, MD, PhD

  • Discuss why PN is an essential therapy for optimal growth and development
  • Outline the new ESPGHAN, ESPEN and ESPR recommendations on standard PN solutions
  • Discuss implementation of commercially prepared standard PN bags

Alexandre Lapillonne MD, PhD France
Magnus Domellöf MD, PhD Sweden


Meet the Expert Session II Supported by Fisher & Paykel

13:45–14:45, Hall 241

Nasal high flow therapy across the [paediatric] ages

Lunch boxes will be available for participants

The role of NHF in the preterm population
Charles-Christophe Röehr, UK

The role of NHF in older babies and children
Andreas Schibler, Australia


Meet the Expert Session III Supported by Orphan Europe

13:45–14:45, Hall 243

Understanding hyperammonaemia: practical pearls in diagnosis to optimising long-term outcomes in organic acidaemias

Professor Sufin Yap, UK

Acute presentation and management of hyperammonaemia
Professor Sufin Yap, UK

Practical pearls of treatment' – sharing Prof Yap's experience of long term management of PA and MMA, including present and future treatment approaches
Professor Sufin Yap, UK

Summary and close
Professor Sufin Yap, UK


Meet the Expert Session IV Supported by Alfa Sigma

13:45–14:45, Hall 253

Lunch boxes will be available for participants

L-Carnitine therapy in pediatrics: Inborn errors of metabolism and beyond?
Manuel Schiff, France


Industry Symposium IV supported by Medtronic

13:45-14.:45 Hall 251

Advanced neonatal monitoring and therapies

Lunch boxes will be available for participants

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)-reflection of the balance between cerebral oxygen supply & demand
Dr. Daniel Yakubovich, Israel

Continuous respiratory monitoring in the care of neonates
Manuel Sanchez Luna, Spain

The role of CRRT in critically ill newborns with cardiac diseases
Dr. Zaccaria Ricci, Italy


Meet the Expert Session V Supported by Orphan Europe

13:45–14:45, Hall 243

Controversies in patent ductus arteriosus (PDA): from diagnosis to treatment

Epidemiology and clinical presentation/echo diagnosis
Dr. Nim Subhedar, UK

Treatment for PDA, including clinical experience of IV ibuprofen
Prof. Gilles Cambonie, France

Wrap up and close
Prof. Gilles Cambonie, France




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